Station metadata

wis2box is designed to support data ingest and processing of any kind. For observations, processing workflow typically requires station metadata to be present at runtime.

To manage your stations of interest, create a CSV file named metadata/station/station_list.csv in $WIS2BOX_HOST_DATADIR, specifying one line per station as follows:


This CSV file is used by wis2box data processing pipelines and is required before starting automated processing.


run the command wis2box metadata station publish-collection to publish your stations as a collection to the wis2box API

See also

API publishing


wis2box can derive station information from OSCAR/Surface. To verify station metadata from OSCAR/Surface:

wis2box metadata station get WSI

where WSI is the WIGOS Station Identifier. This command will return the information required in the station list for wis2box data processing and publication. To add the station information to the station list, copy and paste the output of the above command, or rerun the above command, writing to the station list automatically:

wis2box metadata station get WSI >> ~/wis2box-data/metadata/station/station_list.csv


At this point, you have cached the required station metadata for your given dataset(s).