The WMO Information System is a coordinated global infrastructure responsible for telecommunications and data management functions and is owned and operated by WMO Members.

WIS provides an integrated approach suitable for all WMO Programmes to meet the requirements for routine collection and automated dissemination of observed data and products, as well as data discovery, access, and retrieval services for weather, climate, water, and related data produced by centres and Member countries in the framework of any WMO Programme. It is capable of exchanging large data volumes, such as new ground and satellite-based systems, finer resolutions in numerical weather prediction, and hydrological models and their applications. These data and products must be available to National Hydrological and Meteorological Services (NHMS), but also national disaster authorities for more timely alerts where and when needed.

WIS is a vital data communications backbone for integrating the diverse real-time and non-real-time high priority data sets, regardless of location.

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