This page lists several commonly seen issues and how to address them. status: one or more containers are restarting

If wis2box services (containers) are restarting and/or unhealthy when executing the command python3 status, please check the logs of the services to identify the issue.

You can use the ‘Explore’ option in Grafana running on port 3000 of your instance to view the logs of the wis2box services.

Open a browser and navigate to http://<your-instance-ip>:3000. Select ‘Explore’ from the menu on the left, then select ‘wis2box-loki’ as the datasource and use label=container_name as illustrated in the image below:

Explore option in Grafana

Select the container_name for the service you want to inspect, click on the ‘Run query’ button and scroll down to view the logs.

No station on map in wis2box-ui

The stations displayed in the wis2box-ui per dataset are defined by the topic associated with the station.

To associate a station with a topic, you can edit the station metadata using the station editor in wis2box-webapp or you can use the command wis2box metadata station add-topic to add a topic to a station.

For example, to add the topic origin/a/wis2/my-centre-id/data/core/weather/surface-based-observations/synop to the station with the WIGOS station identifier 0-20000-0-12345, run the following command:

python3 login
wis2box metadata station add-topic --wsi 0-20000-0-12345 origin/a/wis2/my-centre-id/data/core/weather/surface-based-observations/synop

To associated all stations defined in your station metadata with the same topic, you can use the command wis2box metadata station add-topic without specifying a station identifier:

python3 login
wis2box metadata station add-topic origin/a/wis2/my-centre-id/data/core/weather/surface-based-observations/synop

Topic Hierarchy validation error: Unknown file type

Check the wis2box.data_mappings section in your discovery metadata to adjust the file extension expected by the plugins processing your dataset.

If you are ingesting files with extension .bin:

        - plugin:
          notify: true
          file-pattern: '*'

If you are ingesting files with extension .b:

        - plugin:
          notify: true
          file-pattern: '*'

The Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records

If you see this error when uploading data to the wis2box-incoming storage, you have provided the wrong username and/or password to access MinIO. Check the values for WIS2BOX_STORAGE_USERNAME and WIS2BOX_STORAGE_PASSWORD set in the wis2box.env file.

Topic Hierarchy validation error: No plugins for … in data mappings

A file arrived a folder for which no matching dataset was defined in the data mappings.

For dataset, store your file in the path /foo/bar/.

This requires either updating the data mappings in your discovery metadata or changing the target folder under which the file is received.

ERROR - Failed to publish, wsi: …, tsi: XXXXX

Data arrived for a station that is not present in the station metadata cache.

To add missing stations, use the station-editor in wis2box-webapp (from wis2box-1.0b5) or update the file metadata/station/station_list.csv in the wis2box data directory and run the command:

python3 login
wis2box metadata station publish-collection

Error: no such container: wis2box-management

If the wis2box-management container is not running, the login command will fail. The wis2box-management container depends on other services being available before it can successfully started.

Please check all services are Running using the following command:

python3 status

Possible issues are:

  • The host ran out of diskspace, check the output of df -h and ensure there is sufficient space available

  • The directory defined by WIS2BOX_HOST_DATADIR does not contain the file metadata/station/station_list.csv or the file is invalid

  • WIS2BOX_STORAGE_PASSWORD is too short, MinIO will fail to start if you specify a WIS2BOX_STORAGE_PASSWORD of less than 8 characters

wis2box-ui is empty

If when you access the wis2box UI you see the interface but no datasets are visible; check the WIS2BOX_URL and WIS2BOX_API_URL are set correctly.

Please note that after changing the WIS2BOX_URL and WIS2BOX_API_URL, you will have to restart wis2box:

python3 stop
python3 start

..and then repeat the commands for adding your dataset and publishing your metadata, to ensure the URLs are updated in the records accordingly:

python3 login
wis2box data add-collection /data/wis2box/metadata/discovery/metadata-synop.yml
wis2box metadata discovery publish /data/wis2box/metadata/discovery/metadata-synop.yml