Requirements and dependencies

The quickstart assumes wis2box and its dependencies have been installed. If this is not true, please follow the Installation steps first.

Successful installation can be confirmed by inspecting the versions on your system.

docker version
docker-compose version
python3 -V

The quickstart deploys wis2box with test data. It is the minimal runtime configuration profile - as used in wis2box Github CI/CD.


For information on how to quickly get started with your own data out of the box, proceed to Running. For more information on deployment, see Administration and Configuration.

wis2box passes environment variables from dev.env to its container on startup. The test enviroment file is provided in tests/test.env. Copy this file to dev.env in your working directory.

cp tests/test.env dev.env

Build and update wis2box

python3 wis2box-ctl.py build
python3 wis2box-ctl.py update

Start wis2box and login to the wis2box container

python3 wis2box-ctl.py start
python3 wis2box-ctl.py login

Once logged in, verify the enviroment

wis2box environment show

Publish test discovery metadata

wis2box metadata discovery publish $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/metadata/discovery/mwi-surface-weather-observations.yml
wis2box metadata discovery publish $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/metadata/discovery/ita-surface-weather-observations.yml
wis2box metadata discovery publish $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/metadata/discovery/dza-surface-weather-observations.yml

Setup observation collections from discovery metadata

wis2box data add-collection $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/metadata/discovery/mwi-surface-weather-observations.yml
wis2box data add-collection $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/metadata/discovery/ita-surface-weather-observations.yml
wis2box data add-collection $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/metadata/discovery/dza-surface-weather-observations.yml

Ingest data, using data ingest command to push the wis2box-incoming bucket

wis2box data ingest --topic-hierarchy mwi.mwi_met_centre.data.core.weather.surface-based-observations.SYNOP --path $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/observations/malawi
wis2box data ingest --topic-hierarchy ita.roma_met_centre.data.core.weather.surface-based-observations.SYNOP --path $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/observations/italy
wis2box data ingest --topic-hierarchy dza.alger_met_centre.data.core.weather.surface-based-observations.SYNOP --path $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/observations/algeria

Cache and publish stations

wis2box metadata station sync $WIS2BOX_DATADIR/metadata/station/station_list.csv

Logout of wis2box container:


From here, you can run python3 wis2box-ctl.py status to confirm that containers are running.

To explore your wis2box installation and services, visit http://localhost:8999 in your web browser.