wis2box leverages Docker for easy installation across operating systems and environments.

Requirements and dependencies

Dependencies are installed as containers in the deployment of wis2box. This is true for the wis2box software itself, which runs as a container orchestrating the necessary data management workflows of a node in the WIS 2.0 network.

wis2box requires the following prior to installation:





Docker Engine


Docker Compose


If these are already installed, you can skip to installing wis2box.

Successful installation can be confirmed by inspecting the versions on your system.

docker version
docker compose version
python3 -V


Docker may require post-install configuration. Linux users may need to follow post install steps to grant docker privileges. Users in corporate settings my need to configure Docker’s HTTP/HTTPS proxy.

Installing wis2box

Once Python and Docker are installed, the wis2box software needs to be installed.

ZIP archive

wis2box can be installed from a ZIP archive of a the latest branch or a wis2box release.

# curl, wget or download from your web browser
curl -L -O -J
cd wis2box-main


wis2box can also be installed using the git CLI.

# clone wis2box GitHub repository
git clone
cd wis2box


Congratulations! Whichever of the abovementioned methods you chose, you have successfully installed wis2box onto your system. From here, you can get started with test data by following the Quickstart, or continue on to Configuration.